Pye & Rayne


 Pye & Rayne
Purrmanent Whisker Residents

Purrmanent Resident-  (Not Available for Adoption).

Rayne and Pye are super lucky to have John and Diane W. as their Guardian Angels to help with care fees. We can not thank you guys enough for everything you do!

Male ~Adults
Pye and Rayne quickly became best friends when they met in a Whisker Rescue foster home. Pye was a feral stray that was trapped and has been with us for over eight years. Like all feral cats, he did not trust humans for a long time and it took over two years for him to let us touch him. He is still wary but he is very happy when he is around his cat buddies. Rayne also came to us as a scared stray who would swat and bite if we tried to touch him. Thankfully our dedicated volunteers were willing to see past his tough exterior and worked with him, giving him lots of love and patience. Now Rayne is considered to be our “Whisker Cat Ambassador” as he has taken to welcoming every new cat to the foster room!