Orien & Siam


 Orien & Siam
Purrmanent Whisker Residents

Purrmanent Resident-  (Not Available for Adoption).

Siam & Orien are blessed to have Raul R. as their Guardian Angel, helping with both of their care fees!

Male ~Adults
Orien (left) and Siam (right) are a gorgeous special breed known as “La Perms.” Their exceptional beauty led them to be used by a breeder as “stud” cats until Whisker Rescue was asked to take them. They were adults when we received them and since they were unaltered for so long, they continue to mark their territory and can be aggressive to other males. Additionally, since they lived for so long in cages (years), they habitually paced in circles (approximately 3 ft in diameter). This is especially heartbreaking because that was their cage size and thus, that was how they spent their time and energy -by simply walking in circles in their cages. In our care, they have had as much freedom as they could want; however, for months they continued to walk in circles. Luckily, they were able to break this habit! They now run and play to their hearts’ content; it is an amazing transformation! We wanted to give them the best life they could have but we knew they had no experience with the outside world. They now live happily together with access to an enclosed outdoor cat run and we are happy to have built a little home especially for them.