Purrmanent Whisker Residents

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Purrmanent Resident–  (Not Available for Adoption)

Morticia is so lucky to have Sandra M. as her Guardian Angel to help cover her care fees!

Morticia came to us in 2013 as a kitten full of cattitude! She had upper respiratory at the time and chronic runny eyes. She has small bouts of sneezing now and again which made it difficult to put her up for adoption in any pet store. Morticia loves to boss around certain cats, and she thinks it is very fun to swat at unsuspecting volunteers if they pass by her as she sits on a countertop …laying in wait for her next victim…then she will look at you sweetly and give you her signature high pitched  “mau mau” greeting … which makes it very hard to be upset that she just got you good! 😉 We  recently learned one of her nasal passages is plugged which contributes to her runny eye. Morticia  has been with us at the Whisker Rescue sanctuary for several years now and although she likes to stalk adults she is extremely gentle with children! We love this little troublemaker!