Purrmanent Whisker Residents

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Purrmanent Resident- (Not Available for Adoption).

Karl is sending thousands of sandpaper kisses to Deb W. for generously sponsoring his care fees!! 

Karl is a semi-feral adult cat who has started to warm up to both the cats and volunteers at the Whisker Rescue Sanctuary. He is particular with the company he keeps but he has his buddies he has bonded with which we like to refer to as his “furternity!” Unfortunately Karl does mark his territory, so as a result we have made him a Purrmanent Whisker Resident as he is not suitable for adoption. He is definitely a “foodie” as he LOVES his canned cat food and if we let him he would eat us (at the Sanctuary) out of “house and home!” If you are interested in helping sponsor Karl’s care (including food) costs please complete a Guardian Angel form (located under our Programs tab).