Purrmanent Whisker Residents

Purrmanent Resident-  (Not Available for Adoption). 

Casey is so lucky to have Mary Ellen & Stuart A. as her Guardian Angels to help with her care fees. Thank you so much; we could kiss you right meow!

Name: Casey
Sex: Female
Age: 10 years (approx)
Breed: Domestic Medium Hair 
Color: Torti (black and orange)

Casey was adopted through us over seven years ago but unfortunately her owner left her at the SPCA. Her tattoo linked her back to Whisker Rescue so we went and claimed her. No one could get near Casey in her kennel, she was hissing and biting and we almost did not think we could take her home. However, with some coaxing we finally got her out and then we discovered she had been declawed. Her personality seemed to have changed dramatically after that procedure and she would not let anyone touch her. It took over six months, but with gentle coaxing she now allows us to pet her, but only on her terms. Casey has not forgotten her past but we are happy to let her stay with us as a Purrmanent resident at the Whisker Rescue sanctuary as she is not a good candidate for adoption.