Bear Cub


 Bear Cub
Purrmanent Whisker Residents

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Purrmanent Resident-  (Not Available for Adoption).

Bear Cub is so lucky to have Andrea J. as his Guardian Angel to help with his care fees!  Thank you so much, we treasure your support!
Male ~Adult
Bear Cub came to Whisker Rescue over 8 years ago with three other siblings needing to be bottle fed when their mother went missing. At only two weeks of age this little family came to us with the odds against them and sadly he was the only survivor. Bear Cub still remembers being bottle fed at all hours of the night and to this day meows with delight if he sees a bathrobe, reminding him of how he would cuddle into his foster Mom’s robe for midnight feedings! He has had a happy life with us at the Whisker Rescue Sanctuary and even has his very own “girlfriend!” Because of his special bond with another Whisker cat and because he has been known to mark his territory, Bear Cub has become a Purrmanent Resident at the sanctuary. It is our pleasure to care for him and his sweet and cuddly purrsonality for his lifetime!