Purrmanent Whisker Residents

Purrmanent Resident– (Not Available for Adoption).

Babette is so lucky to have Karissa C. as her Guardian Angel to help cover her care costs! Thank you Karissa- we could kiss you right meow!

Female ~Adult
Babette came to us in 2010 as a sweet little stray kitten who was ill. We nursed her through it, but her balance has and still is slightly off due to her illness, making her what is commonly called a “Bobblehead kitty.” She can climb and jump normally; she just tends to lose balance on her hind end and can fall over slightly, especially when she comes to rub up against you or is running towards you! It is an endearing and extremely cute characteristic! She is loving and sweet and has a very soft and gentle “meow.” She became a Purrmanent Resident when she began to mark her territory. But we do not mind one bit, as we have plenty of love in our hearts and patience for this little ray of sunshine because she brightens our day when she enters our room!