Wish List

Thank you for considering donating to Whisker Rescue. Here are some of the items we need that help us provide loving care to our kitties.

  • Training Pads (we use these as cage/bed liners for our incontinent kitties)
  • Saje Immune (essential oil blend)
  • Essential oils: Thieves, Peace & Calming and Oregano oil
  • Diffusers (any brand)
  • Bleach, paper towels, liquid laundry detergent
  • Miracle Mop (self-wringing mop)
  • Pine litter bedding (UFA or Canadian Tire), or scoopable litter (unscented please)
  • Friskies canned cat food (any flavours)
  • Temptation treats
  • Feathered cats toys
  • Royal Canin dry food such as Fibre, Development, Adult, Senior or Calm diet
  • Cat trees
  • Canadian Tire Money and Save-On points

Any of these items can be dropped off at Deer Park Vet Clinic. 🙂

And please leave us a note with your name and email address so we may send you a thank you!