Purrmanent Whisker Residents

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Purrmanent Resident- Seeking a Guardian Angel.
 (Not Available for Adoption).

Male-Adult (born 2011 approx.)
Tito was aptly named because he was such a little fighter! He came to Whisker Rescue as a stray, abandoned by his Momma at about five weeks of age. He was a very sick little kitten when he came to us (which is possibly why he was abandoned by his Mom). We were not sure if he was going to make it at one point, but he rallied through his illness and after several weeks he was able to join other Whisker cats who helped to nurture him! Tito is so cute, clumsy and he does an adorable dance lifting his paws when he see you coming to give him love and attention! Unfortunately, he began to make his territory at an early age, even after neutering, which made him unadoptable. All of the volunteers at Whisker Rescue had already fallen in love with Tito and his kind heart so he will be staying at the Whisker Rescue sanctuary as a purrmanent resident!