Courtesy Listings

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“Squidge is a ten year old kitty that needs a patient and understanding home. She has been an indoor cat for 10 years and doesn’t do well with other cats, we are unsure about dogs. She doesn’t do well with being moved or having a lot going on in her house. Squidge opens up, but it is a process and will take time. A home with a senior or maybe a nice big indoor shop could work well for her.

This will be her fourth home, and she really just needs somewhere to go to live out her senior years. If you could open up your home to her, please call 403-848-4125. Squidge is available through Serenity Pet Shelter Society. Adoption fee is negotiable, we are more concerned about finding her a good home.”

Please note- This cat is a private adoption ONLY & NOT affiliated with Whisker Rescue, our guarantee, refund or policies.