Ritzy Roo


 Ritzy Roo
Adopt Me, Seniors/Special Needs

Ritzy Roo is in her early retirement years at the age of approximately 7 years old! She is a very sweet quiet kitty who just loves her wet food and runs excitedly to her food dish when it is feeding time! Ritzy LOVES to be brushed and will stay still even laying on her back to let you brush her belly ! She loves her relaxing time and also loves to play but only with her kitty toys – not so much with other felines. So far she has preferred to be the only kitty in the home. Ritzy Roo loves to be where her human is and loves to greet guests when they arrive with those beautiful green eyes! Ritzy Roo is available for adoption and is also part of our Senior for Senior program (if applicable). Please contact us at whiskerrescue@live.com if you are interested in setting up a meet and greet with this beautiful girl!