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 Piper & P enny
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The Sweet “P’s” 

Piper and Penny were rescued as kittens from the streets with their mom and sister when they were about 12 to 14 weeks old.  Their Mom and sister got adopted fairly quickly, but Piper and Penny were more traumatized from their street life and didn’t warm up to people as quickly.  Now they are almost 2 years old and are looking for a forever home.  Ideally this would be with empty nesters or an older woman  (like their foster mom) because they are still very skittish of new people and situations and need the calm environment of a mature household in order to settle in successfully.   Having said that, once you have gained their trust they are very loving and fun to watch and be with.  

 They both love to be combed and brushed, and will jump up on to the bed where they can be easily reached in anticipation of this favorite pastime.  (In fact brushing daily is absolutely necessary to avoid hair matts because of their long, fine coats. ) When not being brushed these two play and chase each other around the house, leaping up the cat trees, and dashing under the bed like little hurricanes of fluff with tails. Squeaky toy mice, hair elastics, tissue paper and little plastic balls can not escape their attentions. 

Piper (pictured on right) is a gorgeous, long haired, silver tabby with the biggest, bushiest tail you will ever see on a cat. He is shy but with patient human interaction and time to gain his confidence in new surroundings, he becomes a friendly, gentle and laidback fellow. He loves to be stroked and insists on being in the same room with you but doesn’t like to be picked up or restrained in any way.  Piper enjoys the challenge of getting his treats out of a kitty puzzle ball, and this keeps him occupied when his sister doesn’t want to play.  His favorite perch is up on top of a 6 foot cat tree, or sitting in his own chair next to his foster mom while she reads or knits.  He doesn’t like to be alone and meows for his sister if he can’t find her. 

Penny (pictured on left) is Piper’s sister, and although she was born at the same time (about June of 2014) to the same mom, she is quite a bit smaller than he is.  Penny is a long haired tortoiseshell female with tabby striped legs and one cappuccino colored back foot. The bronze colored spot in the middle of her forehead gave us her name.    

Penny is very shy and startles easily. Her first few weeks trying to survive outdoors in a back alley with her mom and siblings was terrifying and explains her fear in new situations. However with time, talking and love, she has blossomed into a very loving little kitty who can’t get enough attention from her foster mom.  While she panics when picked up or held, she loves to be stroked and will flop over for a tummy rub but she just can’t hold still so she’s up and wiggling for more.  Her fluffy  tail curls over her back as she shows her how much she enjoys the attention. At night she cuddles up to her foster mom to sleep.  She doesn’t like to be alone and searches and meows for her brother Piper if she can’t find him and rubs against him for reassurance.   

Penny loves furry toy mice and jingling toy balls when she is playing by herself.  She will sit and try to pull toys out of her cat puzzle, or pounce through tissue paper and tunnels. She likes to play tag with her brother and they run around the house or wrestle a little before washing each other.  

Piper and Penny are what we call shy cats.  Because they were on the street for their early months with no human contact in a very frightening, dangerous world, they are initially fearful in new situations and need patience, love and understanding to give them a chance to be a happy pet.    

Adopters need to spend extra time introducing themselves to these little shy cats to build a trusting relationship.  Both Piper and Penny are unique, and have their own special personality.  It is extremely important for you to be accepting of their social insecurities and the need to be patient and kind with them They are used to soft voices, gentle stroking or brushing, and a quiet house with no children.   

Once they gain confidence and trust with their new people and surroundings, they will make someone affectionate, enjoyable and entertaining companions. 

These two young felines are bonded and need to be adopted together. They should not be adopted into a situation where they would be alone as they need the security and confidence that comes with having another cat around to follow and play with.   

These cats CAN NOT go to a home where there is any chance of them being let outside because they would panic and never be seen again. They are scared of strange people, don’t like to be picked up and would be impossible to catch.  They have not been outside since they came into foster care and don’t miss it a bit. They CAN NOT be indoor/outdoor cats. 

Their foster mom is happy to say these kitties have come such a long way from the terrified furballs they were when they first arrived. They are affectionate, full of personality,  and playfulness.  She has no doubt that a patient, cat experienced and peaceful home will allow the personalities of the “Sweet P’s” to blossom after an initial adjustment period. You will not regret giving them a chance. 

For more information please contact whiskerrescue@live.com or Piper & Penny’s foster Mom, Lori, at armstrol@gmail.com.
The special adoption fee for Piper & Penny is $200 total (not each) since we are asking that these cats be adopted together.