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“Pikachu is a big beautiful black male cat, three years of age, with a unique coat –  for the first quarter inch his coat is black, and then it turns to white. Sometimes he gets a mottled appearance, especially when his fur gets ruffled! He has been neutered, tattooed, and all of his shots plus his booster shot.  He is due for his annual shots.  Pikachu is very personable, will sleep on the bed with you in some very strange positions sometimes, and loves his cat tower and looking out of the window at the birds, and loves his outdoor catio, he is an indoor cat and hates cold wet paws.  He can be a bully with other cats and so he should be the only cat in the family. He can be lugged around, but is not a cat for children.  He loves to play, a laser light especially, and will rub his face all over you when you are opening his Fancy Feast. He eats a lot of wet food and enjoys a bit of dry kibble sprinkled on top.  He likes to be brushed after supper and troops downstairs with the others for brushing and treats.
We have taken in too many kitties over the years and they are getting older – Peeky is just too young and rambunctious for them to handle.  If you would like a meet and greet, call Sandy at 403-224-2161. If he doesn’t work for you, we would appreciate knowing and he can come back to us, we never want him outside on the streets again.”

Please note- This cat is a private adoption ONLY & NOT affiliated with Whisker Rescue, our guarantee, refund or policies.