Purrmanent Whisker Residents

Purrmanent Resident- (Not Available for Adoption).

Oren is so lucky to have Matthew B. as his Guardian Angel to help with his care fees! Thank you so much Matthew for helping save souls!

Male ~Adult
Oren is an eccentric but sweet cat that came to us as a stray several years ago. He has a very eccentric  personality which truly gives us hours of entertainment! Unfortunately, Oren has constant eye issues due to severe allergies and requires daily medication and a special diet. Oren prefers being the king of the castle; he does not like other cats and can become aggressive to them if they should cross his path. He also has been known to to mark his territory. Due to his behavioural issues and how long her has been with us, he truly considers the Whisker Rescue Sanctuary to be his home. Therefore, we have decided to keep him as a Purrmanent Whisker Resident and  give him lots of love and understanding!