Purrmanent Whisker Residents

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Purrmanent Resident- (Not Available for Adoption).

Lucas is super lucky to have Randy & Shauna M. as his Guardian Angels to help with his care fees! Thank you so much, we treasure your support!

Name: Lucas
Sex: Male
Age: Born August 2013 (approx)
Breed: Domestic Short Hair
Color: Tabby (Orange)

Lucas was born with his sibling in a foster home in Red Deer. He was recently diagnosed with IBS and is required to be on a special gastrointestinal diet, probiotics, steroids and pain relief to manage his digestive system. Due to his health issues Lucas has become a Purrmanent Resident and will be remaining at the Whisker Rescue sanctuary. Through all of this Lucas remains a loving, sweet and gentle cat who gets along well with all of his furry roommates! He can often be seen grooming his best friend Furnando!