Courtesy Listings

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COURTESY LISTING FOR OWNER-Looking to re-home a long haired, declawed cat named Hope. She was born in July 2016. She is friendly and tends to like attention from one person. She likes calm and quiet, which unfortunately our house is not. We have a dog, another cat, and three energetic boys.

In late December 2019, Hope began to urinate on the counter. She was treated for a bacterial infection. This helped short term but since December has been treated four additional times. It is thought that she finds the home stressful. She was one of three cats in our home, all from the same litter. A few months ago the male cat passed away due to an accidental injury. Since then Hope doesn’t seem to get along well with the other cat and the inappropriate urinating returned. It is hoped that with a less busy environment she will find it less stressful and be happier.

If you are interested in Hope, please email us (whiskerrescue@live.com) and we will put you in contact with the owner – thank you!