Found Kitty


 Found Kitty
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We found this polydactyl cat on October 5th crying and cold in Deer Park. Our guess is he’s probably 4-5 months old. We put ads up everywhere that we found him and no one has come forward to claim him so we are looking for a good home for him. He is not neutered and I doubt he’s had shots. We’ve posted him saying that we won’t let him go unless someone can meet us at the vet office with him and prepay his neuter and shots. We are looking after him right now but can’t keep him forever. We think it is in his best interest to find him a home while he’s still young and can properly adjust.

Please contact Chrissy at for more information.

Please note- This cat is a private adoption ONLY & NOT affiliated with Whisker Rescue, our guarantee, refund or policies.