Adopt Me Red Deer, Special Needs

Poor Fanny was recently returned to us by her owners due to inappropriate urination. She was adopted several years ago and came back to us having gained lots of weight ( she is now over 10 kg!) This was probably a factor as to why she could not make it to her litterbox, as well as the litterbox was kept in a very inconvenient place so she could not make it there comfortably. We will work hard to get Fanny to lose weight and give her a litterbox that is easy for her to step into.
We would like to take this time to remind anyone that owns a senior cat, to take special care and watch weight gain and arthritis as these can be major factors when senior cats miss their litterbox. Boxes should have lower sides or a doorway they can enter into easily. It has been our experience that cats rarely act out without a reason or something that triggered a new behaviour. All it takes is a little time and investigation, and possibly a trip to your veterinarian to find out what it is!
Whisker Rescue offers a list of behavioural therapy ideas that we would be happy to email to you if you ever have elimination issues with your cat. It is the number one reason cats are surrendered to shelters. Sometimes all it takes is simple and easy solutions to fix the problem to help keep the kitty in its loving home!

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