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 Courtesy Listing
Courtesy Listings

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This cat is a private adoption ONLY and NOT affiliated with Whisker Rescue, our guarantee, refund or policies.

This sweet kitty was dug out of a lump of snow of a car’s wheel well by a family dog. The family assumed she had been badly injured as she couldn’t lift her tail. After they warmed her up and removed the snow/salt and mud, she recovered quickly and after 3 days of rest and some love and care (as she was badly matted and thin) she appears to be doing well!!! Her rescuers describe her as a real little beauty.  She has medium length soft grey fur with silver tips on her toes and nose, the fluffiest, longest tail you have ever seen; she still has some baby teeth so they suspect she is between 4 and 5 months old. She is quite healthy in spite of it all.  She is very sweet and loving and has the loudest purr!  She is good with the family’s kitty. She is leery of the dogs but not terrified of them – she is getting used to them already.  She is using the litter box and eating like a champ!! They were unable to locate an owner so she is now looking for her furever home as she is unable to stay where she is at.
If you’re interested in this beauty please contact Karen at