Chloe & Jackson


 Chloe & Jackson
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These cats are a private adoption ONLY and NOT affiliated with Whisker Rescue, our guarantee, refund or policies.

These kitties need a new home!
Chloe is a grey and white female cat. She is 7 months old, and she is quite petite. She is a sweet kitty who loves affection, and will love to follow you around! Of course, she loves to play too!

Jackson is a blackish/tan striped male cat. He is 7 months old. He was recently neutered and microchipped. He seems to be on the bigger side and definitely has weight to him. He is a playful, sneaky kitty who also loves to snuggle up with you or lay in the sun by the window.

Please contact their owners directly if you are able to give these sweet kitties a loving home! Email for more information.