Adoption Pending


Adopt Me Red Deer

Charlie is so lucky to have Lindsay Z. as his Guardian Angel to help cover his care fees while he waits for his furever home!

Charlie is the biggest kitten on the planet and loves to play in his child-sized play tunnel; this sweet four year old hasn’t realised that he is all grown up! Charlie is super affectionate and asks for kisses on the top of his head, and he just loves to have his tummy tickled and will roll over for full body massages just like a kitten. This gentle giant will even let his foster family play with his feet; he has the type of feet you just want to smoosh!

Charlie was surrendered due to missing his litter tray, however his foster family have provided him with a larger than normal sized litter tray to accommodate his size and he hits the target every time! For Charlie it was like going from a bachelor suite to a duplex; he willingly shares his litter tray with two other cats and they all appreciate the extra space. His foster family is happy to speak to anyone interested in adopting Charlie about their experience with him.

Because Charlie is on the large size he does not feel comfortable being picked up and carried, he may complain, but he will put up with it. Charlie gets on with older children, well-mannered dogs and will tolerate other cats but would prefer to be in a cat free home so he gets all the attention!

If you are interested in giving Charlie a furever home please contact us at for more information.