Ben and Scotty


 Ben and Scotty
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We recently had 2 adult cats (approx 4-5 years old) surrendered to us when their owner passed away. Ben (white cat) is a very nice cat that is not very comfortable around little children. He does not like to be picked up, but he loves to sleep with you at night! He can be very playful at times!

Scotty (brown tabby with white) is such a cuddler, he comes up to you and flops over on his back and gets you to scratch his belly! He is more outgoing than Ben and is more comfortable around little kids if they are calm and approach him slowly. He likes to play with his kitty toys and Scotty loves to gaze out the window!

These two cats are very dependent on each other and we would love for them to get adopted together. Ben will not come out until Scotty comes out. They snuggle each other all of the time! Ben will “meow” as if he is calling Scotty and Scotty will come to him and then they will rub faces and their bodies as they walk by each other!

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