Adopt Me Red Deer

Atticus was born in 2014, and was a very scared kitten. He was lovingly fostered and the foster family worked very hard to gain his trust. Atticus bonded strongly with his foster family but always seemed to  be a little timid around new people in his environment. He was soon adopted by a wonderful senior where he had a loving home for a year and a half, but sadly the senior had to move and could not take Atticus with him. Atticus has become a little more outgoing, but sudden loud noises or movements do still scare him. He will require a quiet home where he will get lots of love and attention. Atticus will do anything for Temptation treats and comes running for them (even when you shake the bag)! He is a good-natured sweet cat and would be a great companion as the only cat in the house. For more information on how to adopt Atticus please email us at